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Two bathing costumes with hats, Peterson’s 1870

Ah, summer! When one can shed two whole layers of the twelve one normally wears!

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the Very Important guide on recognizing cat positions


the Very Important guide on recognizing cat positions

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Smart phones are making us antisocial. [x]

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Yet another way in which we’re average.

im really moving up in the world: maryland, massachusetts, minnesota

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Letters To Seventeen Magazine’s “Most Embarrassing Moments” Section, If More Teenagers Had Vagina Dentata


For any teen, developing your first set of vaginal teeth is stressful enough, but when it involves your crush or flossing, it can be extra traumatic! Here, readers reveal their most cringe-worthy dentata stigmata moments!

“I was spending a Saturday night with my steady when we knew his parents were going to be out of town, and, well…things got pretty hot and heavy. In the middle of our “study sesh,” I started hearing weird noises — and not good weird noises, either. My boyfriend was making the strangest choking sounds.Then I looked down, and there was blood everywhere! At first I thought it was my period — how embarrassing! But it was coming from him.”

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one annoying thing about cats is sometimes they get their claws stuck in things at 2am and wont be quiet until you get out of bed to help them, only to suddenly figure it out when faced with your judgmental glare

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The best part of Dracula is how he signs his letters

i wish i was a baby



Ultimate goal.

roseanne and dan are the best

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