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modern matrimony

modern matrimony

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Academic Coach Taylor Has Some Required Reading For You


We all know Academic Coach Taylor can yell, but sometimes he has thoughts that can’t fit on a screen cap. For these times, Academic Coach Taylor writes for So here’s some ACT realness to cushion your Tuesday afternoon blues:

What Pinterest Taught Me About Marriage As A Capitalist Prison

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Very soon you will be watching pair figure skating with the same sex. Silence is acceptance and the church has not stood up enough.

Commentary from reader Gerald Brewster, on Fox News’ Facebook post, “Breaking news: Federal appeals court rules California’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.”

The only thing worse than gay marriage is gay figure skating. Stand up for traditional figure skating values!

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Best/Worst internet comment of the day

i have been engaged like 6 times maybe? different guys. i like commitment but am just not good at it! and TERRIFIED of getting married. i may need to get over that. i will be 30 in 8 days! :O

i mean, no offense, but…